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Tug Of War Competition 2022

Stroud Village Hall

Please ensure all team members read the information below. Every participant will be required to sign a liability waiver form (available to download) before competing on July 30th. Forms will be provided at the competition.  Please download the Waiver Form here or using the button at the bottom of this page


1. All teams must have six members.
2. All team members must be over 18.
3. Teams must nominate one member as a captain.
4. Footwear with any form of studs or spikes is forbidden and will result in team disqualification.
5. All members must remain on their feet. No hands are allowed to be persistently on the ground apart
6. from the anchor-man who is allowed to keep one hand on the ground.
7. Before pulling the judge will order teams to “Pick up the rope”. The judge will then ask both teams if they are ready then give the order “Take the strain”, at this point the teams should heel in and pull the rope tight. The judge will make sure that the teams are centred over the starting mark and, when they are balanced, the order “Pull” will be given.
8. There will be a maximum of three pulls in a match and the first team to win two pulls will win the match and progress to the next round.


1. Wrapping the rope around a limb can result in a broken bone and loss of blood flow. Wrapping the rope around the body can cause severe internal injuries.
2. Spiked or studded footwear can cause injury if a pull collapses. They may also cause stains and breaks if a competitor’s feet become stuck in the ground.
3. Strong, flat footwear must be worn.


1. I acknowledge that I have voluntarily agreed to take part in the Stroud Revels Tug of War competition.
2. I am aware that there are risks and dangers involved in this activity. As such I am aware that serious accidents may occur during this activity which may lead to serious personal injury.
3. The organisers (SVHARA) cannot be responsible for the competition surface which may be uneven and foreign objects (stones, litter etc.) may be present.
4. It is strongly recommended that strong, flat footwear is worn together with gloves
5. I agree that I enter at my own risk and that I and my dependents waive all claims against SVHARA including all of their members and volunteers.
6. I authorise the first aiders present to provide any treatment necessary at the scene and to arrange my transfer to hospital if they deem it to be necessary.
7. I have read and agree to abide by the rules of the Stroud Revels Tug of War competition.