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Our gardens provide wonderfully diverse habitats with their climbing plants, bounding hedgerows, lawns, flower beds, shrub borders and trees. Here can be found a great many butterflies and moths, solitary bees, bumble bees and wasp species, small mammals, and a diverse range of garden birds.

Bird baths, bird feeders and nest boxes provide both for the birds and for us to see just which birds are around and provide plenty of opportunities for lawn watching. Add to these a pond to attract amphibians, a bee hotel for solitary bees, pieces of sunlit corrugated iron or roofing felt to attract many reptiles, amphibians and small mammals and an area of unmown grass for butterflies and moths.

2 Female slow-worm


All types of wildlife can be found in the garden, from foxes, badgers and slowworms to various insects and birds.

1 G-OBUP DG Flugzeugbau DG-808C


Often you will see planes performing stunts including the Red Arrows and the occasional glider.  There are Chinook helicopters that frequently fly overhead as they skim the South Downs and in the summertime we are likely to see a hot air balloon floating overhead.

10 ! IMG_20210103_153831 Brilliant sunset Reduced


Stunning sunrises and sunsets and there is almost always a rainbow in Stroud.